New Product – GeoDesktop Site Intelligence Reports

Industry-recognised innovative digital engineering firm GeoReports has launched GeoDesktop Site Intelligence Reports.  Professionally reviewed GeoDesktop Reports provide users with a concise summary of published geo-environmental data for any site in NSW – all delivered within 48 hours.  

An early adopter of GeoDesktop Reports, Rhys Blackburn, Managing Director of Rare Environmental was impressed, commenting, “We used georeports as a cost effective scoping tool for a big tender. We will definitely be making use of GeoDesktop Reports going forward. They’re a smart and efficient way to access site specific data quickly and at low cost.  For us, they will be particularly useful for pre-feasibility checks, informed tendering and will help us communicate risks and opportunities to clients”. He added, “Knowing the site risk indicators and level of existing information also helps us more efficiently target further investigation requirements providing overall savings to clients.”  

Easily ordered online, GeoDesktop Reports are designed as a due diligence tool identifying geotechnical and contamination risk indicators. Depending upon the site size and data inclusions required, reports start at $795 and range up to $1495 ex GST.   

Phil Davies, GeoReports Founder who was last month named as a 2019 Most Innovative Engineer by Engineers Australia said, “We believe GeoDesktop will be an invaluable tool for government agencies, property advisors and contractors, developers, architects, lawyers, financial advisors and anyone who seeks a rapid screening tool to assess site suitability and investment risk”.  

Earlier this year, GeoReports was recognised by the highly regarded Australian Financial Review Beaton Awards when its innovative digital engineering platform was awarded 2019 Professional Services Startup of the Year.  GeoReports is an online digital engineering and reporting tool with a large and growing database of groundwater wells, mapping layers and appropriately licenced and quality controlled datasets, allowing users to easily access high-value data at low cost.