About GeoReports

History, Vision

Launched in 2019 as a pioneering geo-environmental data sharing and reporting platform, GeoReports aspires to be a trusted vehicle for convenient exchange of high value geo-spatial information for the benefit of data providers, data users, the environment and wider community.

What We Do

  • Deliver subsurface information through a user friendly online experience to enable users to ‘know their site
  • Provide quick and convenient webmap tools to identify and download site-specific data
  • Offer high value, site specific reports so data users can make cost-effective and informed investment decisions
  • Allow data providers to upload and share information commercialise otherwise redundant data
  • Host private geospatial datasets for secure internal use
  • Lower investigation, planning, design and construction costs and offer significant return on investment and risk mitigation
  • Provide future-ready datasets for the digital engineering economy
  • Operate as an industry-respected partner providing quick and accurate, high quality information

Future Ready

GeoReports is an innovative and scalable business platform and welcomes enquires from collaborators and partners looking to work with GeoReports expanding into:

  • Enhanced management of in-house datasets
  • Broader Geographies (New Zealand, Asia and beyond)
  • Serving of BIM compatible native datasets and files
  • Add on services including data mining, artificial intelligence and machine learning to extract additional dataset value for data-providing clients

Contact collaborate@georeports.com.au to explore ideas.