Data Services

We can provide custom web map applications for internal or public use of data feeds for clients with existing ArcGIS licences.

  • Lease dataset and layer feeds on your GIS platform
  • Seamless integration with ArcGIS Web Map Applications
  • High quality datasets with licence statements and metadata
  • Customizable widgets for viewing, manipulating, outputting and sharing data
  • Tailored and secure layers to suit your needs
  • Bolt-on upload and data services and analytics to drive value from your data as needed

The following feeds are available foe viewing alongside your own project / mapping data.

Groundwater Wells
  • FREE access for Data Feeds subscribers
  • Hyperlinked groundwater well reports at about 350,000 locations in NSW, VIC, ACT and QLD
  • Metadata for each dataset
  • Linked well reports typically contain a summary of lithology, stratigraphy, well construction details and groundwater levels
Shared Data
  • Lease fee includes access to eligible datapoint/report downloads (max 50 per month)
  • Data quality statements for each dataset
  • Linked datapoints typically contain pdf logs with rock core photos if cored
  • Linked reports typically contain factual or interpretive text, plans, sometime sections and explanatory notes
Private Data
  • Visibility of copyrighted datapoint locations at about 6,000 locations and growing
  • Insights about site conditions at these locations can be provided under separate consulting arrangements, as needed.

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By agreement, selected client information can also be published on the GeoReports platform (such as locations of project sites, appropriately licenced reports or data, or other interpretive layers or marketable services). This can generate revenue and increase the reach and visibility of your services. Contact us to find out more.