Custom Webmaps

We develop custom Esri (ARCGIS) compatible data management platforms and webmaps to provide your teams with easy access to your project data. Our secure platforms help you unlock your valuable data is efficiently organised and managed.  

  • Branded and tailored to suit your needs
  • A webmap with formatted pop-up windoews provides an instant view of the intelligence already held for a site.
  • Custom legends allow differentiatio of available data types.
  • A simple click on the map will take users to hyperlinked data and reports.
  • Additional licenced 3rdparty datasets can be layered on the map
  • Easy to use drag and drop tools are provided to upload / edit / print / share and overlay data
  • Data storage can be on your system (cloud/server) or our secure cloud
  • Dozens of smart tools and widgets available to extract value from your data

Contact us to arrange a trial customised web map

Data Services

Enhance your geospatial systems with our site intelligence datasets.

For those who already have an existing ArcGIS platform, GeoReports can under License arrangement provide access to selected information and layers from its own database.   We provide:

  • Seamless integration with ArcGIS Web Map Applications
  • Access to high quality geo-environmental datasets with licence statements and metadata
  • Tailored layers to suit your needs
  • Bolt-on upload and data configuration services 

  • Custom web map buttons to suit your needs..