Resale Pricing Framework

GeoReports provides an online datasharing platform for the exchange of approproiately licensed information.  This rewards data providers through royalties and allows data users to gain site-specific insights including soil, rock, groundwater conditions, and potential contamination risks.

Here’s how it works:

  • Data is free to upload for datasets up of up to 100 datapoints (it must be appropriately licenced).
  • For data users, charges apply on a pay-per-download basis.  The value of each datapoint depends its quality, depth and spatial accuracy and is automatically calculated by GeoReports (see example below).
  • The value of each Report is set by the Data Uploader during the upload process.
  • Subscription options are available for regular data users (download  limits apply to each subscription plan).
  • For data providers, royalties on download sales are paid to the Data Uploader, who may have third party agreements to share royalty income with the Data Owner and/or Data publisher.
  • There are two tiers of royalties depending on the amount of upload processing required by GeoReports. As shown below, a Basic Upload requires lots of processing by GeoReports (smaller royalty payable to data provider), whereas an Advanced Upload requires less processing by GeoReports (higher royalty payable to data provider).

Dataset / Datapoint Pricing Framework

The retail value of datapoints within a dataset is calculated from the Dataset Quality Score (out of 5) x Positional Accuracy Score (out of 5) x Depth of datapoint (in metres) x 0.1 Factor.

For Example:

  • Low quality shallow datapoint:
    Low Dataset Quality (2 points) x Low Accuracy Survey (2 points) x 4m deep borehole = 2 x 2 x 4 x 0.1 = A$1.60
  • High Quality deep datapoint
    High Dataset Quality (4 points) x High Accuracy Survey (5 points) x 20m deep borehole = 4 x 5 x 20 x 0.1 = A$40

Royalties for Data Providers

Datasets which are uploaded for purchase by public data users are entitled to royalty payments which are paid to the Data Uploader 14 days following purchase and download through  The percentage of sale price commission paid to data providers depends on the processing and data validation required as shown above.

The maximum royalty rate paid to Data Uploaders is :

  • 15% of download sales for Basic (unformatted) Uploads, and
  • 30% of download sales for Advanced (formatted) Uploads. 

The royalties are automatically calculated by GeoReports as downloads occur and can be split between different parties in accordance with instructions provided by the Data Uploader at the time of uploading the dataset. Data providers have complete visibility of their datasets, purchases and downloads through their User Accounts (log-in required).

When multiple parties (Data Owners, Data Publishers and/or Data Uploaders) are to receive a share of royalty payments then the agreed split of royalties payable on data sold through GeoReports must be defined in Section 7 of the Data Sharing Agreement on upload. This royalty split is then automatically applied to each dataset and is trackable through the user accounts.