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Property Buyers Report
See Sample

Standard Report
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Premium Report

Search of up to 25 data mapping sources summarised in PDF report, reviewed by Chartered Engineer and emailed within 48-72 hours.  See sample

Summary risk profile of identified geo-environmental risk indicators. See sample

NSW ePlanning Property Report with key planning constraints. See sample

NSW Cadastral Records Enquiry Report with key survey transactions. See sample

Mapping details of nearby groundwater wells, existing geo-environmental boreholes and reports See sample

Soil Landscape Data Sheets and Reports* See sample

Groundwater Bore Reports* (where available) See sample

Borehole logs from licensed databases within 500m of site See sample*

(check here for availability near your site)

Geo-environmental reports from licensed database within 500m See sample*

(check here for availability near your site)

NSW Title Search – Includes information about current owner, mortgages covenants, caveats and easements.  See sample

NSW Deposited Plan/Strata Plan – Defines the legal boundaries of land and often records subdivisions, easements and resumptions.  See sample

Sydney Sewer Service Diagram – Shows the private house sewer lines on a property and where they connect to the authority’s wastewater system (Sydney Only).  

See sample

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*-Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).  © State of New South Wales (Department of Planning, Industry and Environment) 2001