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Understand ground conditions at your site quickly and efficiently.

We use cutting edge AI-powered tools to combine your data and ours for rapid sub-surface design and risk identification.


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Sub-surface data sources

Summarises averaged conditions based on Shareable and Privately held data (where available).

More detailed subsurface model showing cross sections through multiple boreholes. Can only show shareable data.

Ground model deliverable

PDF Report with site plan,  simplified stratigraphy table (e.g. a 'virtual borehole'), engineering parameters.

As Basic Report, plus:

- 2 graphical cross sections

- groundwater level

- tabulated datapoints

Input Data Format



Max boreholes / datapoints per model



Plan showing layout of datapoints used in model

Soil / rock descriptions for representative ground profile

Estimated engineering parameters for each soil unit + rock, to max investigated depth

Groundwater level estimate (where known)

AGS compatible dataset export, provided in CSV format

Cross sections (2No.), provided in PDF/DXF format

Point Cloud 3D Model, provided in CSV format

Typical Reporting Time

48 Hrs

48-72 Hrs

Cost (Exc. GST)



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Optional Extras (Exc GST).  We will contact you after ordering to agree scope and budget.

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Tabulated individual borehole/CPT derived stratigraphy as PDF 


$25 per BH/CPT

Standard Penetration Test (SPT) plots & summary table


$100 per BH

Add existing re-publishable  GeoReports-sourced borehole logs/CPTs and reports within 300m of your site (includes PDF attachment to Report, digitising and inclusion of BHs in model) 


$250 per report (no logs)

+$50 per BH log

Cone Penetration Test (CPT) interpretation (from PDF Format) and inclusion in model 


$150 per CPT

CPT interpretation (from XLS/CSV Format) and inclusion in model


$100 per CPT


  • Check webmap for availability of investigation data (Shareable and Copyrighted) near your site.
  • GeoReports GroundCheck-AI Models provide indicative sub-surface conditions and are intended for feasibility assessment, not detailed design.
  • Model reliability will depend on the spatial density of input data, accuracy of source data (e.g. collar elevation, positional accuracy, logging descriptors) and may change with time with site conditions.
  • Groundwater levels are estimated from datapoints provided and and can vary with time (rainfall, seasons, tides, etc).
  • Expanded Terms and Limitations are provided here. By submitting this order you are agreeing to these Terms and Limitations.
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