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GeoReports specialises in geo-environmental data, reporting and digital engineering services, providing site intelligence across Australia.

Our GeoDesktop site intelligence reports provide users with a quick, low-cost due diligence assessment of known geotechnical and environmental conditions and risk indicators which may impact the costs and risks of site acquisition or development. Searching for site-specific investigation data is easy with our GeoSearch tool, or, using our GeoDatasets services, we can lease webmap data feeds and build custom webmap platforms for organisations to manage, manipulate and combine these layers with your own high-value project data.

Site Intelligence Reports in 48 Hours

GeoDesktop Site Intelligence Reports provide quick and low cost, preliminary geo-environmental reports using published and unpublished geo-environmental datasets. Available for any site in NSW, and typically within 48 hours, they are an ideal tool for initial assessment of geotechnical and contamination indicators. Typical applications include DA submissions, pre-purchase and due diligence studies, design and construction risk assessment. Potential users include government agencies, contractors, consultants, developers, architects, property owners and legal and financial advisors who seek a rapid screening tool to assess site suitability and investment risk.

    • Quick, low cost site intelligence from  $495  to $1,495 exc GST
    • Includes search of up to 25 data sources in one PDF report, typically emailed in 48hrs
    • Reviewed by experienced and geoscience practitioners and chartered engineers
    • Contains a site-specific risk profile using algorithms based on property industry metrics and geoscientific risk indicators
    • Reports are powered by industry benchmark GIS mapping software
    • Suits many Council requirements for DA-stage assessment of geo-environmental conditions (check with your Council for specific requirements)
    • See a sample of the GeoDesktop Standard Report HERE
    • Ordering options include:
      • GeoDesktop Premium including licensed borehole log content for Engineering and Construction Professionals
      • Property Buyer Reports with essential mapping content and optional Title Search, Deposited Plan Search, Sewer Diagrams for property-related businesses and home-buyer due diligence

Find information at your site

GeoSearch provides access to searchable geo-environmental data points (such as borehole and groundwater logs) which are available for immediate download via our simple webmap.

  • Obtain point data to identify indicative ground conditions
  • Find and download appropriately licenced historical site investigation reports
  • Get site data coverage to reduce uncertainty and lower additional investigation costs
  • Convenient, centralised access to a growing database of scanned boreholes, well records and other subsurface data layers
  • Platform contains a mix of free information and pay-as-you-go downloads
  • Enables commercialisation through royalties via upload and sharing of appropriately licenced datasets.  More HERE


Customised Webmap Platforms, Data Feeds

Custom Webmaps - Let us build you a GIS webmap to manage your data.
  • Your own custom branded webmap to securely manage your project data
  • Custom pop-ups and links to reports and/or datapoints
  • Tools to upload/edit/print/share and overlay data
  • Data storage on your system (cloud/server) or our secure cloud
  • Drag and drop uploads and edits by any authorised user
  • Built using the industry standard Esri (ArcGIS) platform
Data Feeds - Our layers on your existing GIS platform
  • Ideal for clients with existing GIS platforms
  • Instantly get GeoReports datasets as feeds on your GIS platform
  • High quality datasets with licence statements and metadata
  • Customizable widgets for manipulating, outputting and sharing data
  • Access to appropriately licenced 3rd party datasets
  • Customisation and data services

GeoReports Product Overview