GroundCheck Reports

GroundCheck Reports include concise geo-environmetal desktop search data identifying geotechnical and contamination risks at any property in NSW. 

GroundCheck reports provide a snapshot of subsurface conditions (soil, rock, groundwater, contamination potential), site imagery (current & historic), surface conditions (topography, gradient, landslip & mine subsidence mapping data), existing investigation and report data with optional property metrics (Title Search, Registered Lot Plans, nearby DA’s in progress).

Each report uses cutting edge GIS technology  to compile data from published and unpublished mapping sources  and the growing GeoReports investigation database.  Each GeoDesktop Report is then carefully reviewed by a Chartered Engineer with over 20 years of experience. 

Report Features:

  • Includes search of over 25 data sources compiled into a convenient pdf report, emailed within 24-48 hours.
  • Provides a rapid screening tool to assess site suitability and risk for government, contractors, consultants, developers, legal and financial advisors.
  • Mapping showing the general distribution of expected subsurface materials including geology, soil landscapes, acid sulfate soils, topography, flooding, insights from selected reports and borehole data, published groundwater and site contamination data in addition to optional detailed borehole log information (premium report only).
  • Ideal for pre-feasibility and due diligence site assessment.
  • Suits many Council requirements for DA-stage assessment of geo-environmental conditions (check with your Council as specific requirements vary).
  • Standard report pricing is per Registered Land Parcel / Lot. Contact us to discuss larger sites or linear projects.
  • Premium reports are available for those clients who wish to receive eligible borehole logs and geo-environmental reports within 500m of the subject site (up to 20 boreholes and 3 reports can be provided).
  • Available for any site in NSW – See Sample Report HERE or click on image below

Each Premium GroundCheck Report Includes:

Summary – Geo-environmental Risk Factor Ratings*
Site details
Site imagery – Recent
Site imagery – Historical (a selected image from between 1943 – 2004 where available)
Topography (2m contours)
Site Terrain (slope gradient)
Soil landscape
Landslip and mine subsidence
Acid sulfate soils (ASS) and salinity
Existing investigations – mapping and tables
Groundwater bores – mapping and tables
Contamination indicators (Known contaminated sites on EPA database)

* An overall Risk Factor Rating is provided in each report based on six geotechnical and environmental risk indicators, weighted using property development risk ratings published by Newell, G and Steglick, M (University of Western Sydney), Assessing the Importance of Property Development Risk Factors, Pacific Rim Property Research Journal, Vol 12, No 1

Risk indicators considered include:


  • Typical Site Gradient
  • Geo-Hazard (Landslip and Mine Subsidence)
  • Suitability to Support Structures (Using framework in AS1170.4)


  • Acid Sulfate Soils & Salinity
  • Contamination Indicators
  • Flooding

Report Attachments (Premium)

NSW ePlanning Property Report
NSW Land Registry Cadastral Records Search Report
Relevant Soil Landscape Data Sheets
Soil Profile Reports (where available in search extent)
Detailed Investigation Borehole Logs (Premium Report only)
WaterNSW Groundwater Bore Records (where available in search extent)
Optional: NSW Title Search – Includes information about current owner, mortgages covenants, caveats and easements.  See sample
Optional: NSW Deposited Plan / Strata Plan – Defines the legal boundaries of land and often records subdivisions, easements and resumptions.  See sample
Optional: Sydney Sewer Service Diagram – Shows the private house sewer lines on a property and where they connect to the authority’s wastewater system. (Sydney Only)  
See sample
Optional: Proposed DAs within 400m – Report of Council DA’s that may impact the value of your site. See sample 

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