GeoReports Achieves Highest Level of Competency as Sydney Water Reviewer

GeoReport’s Philip Davies has recently been accredited as a ‘Level G4’ Independent verifier for Sydney Water projects which is the highest category of competency in the Sydney Water System.  Verifiers referenced in the Sydney Water Engineering Competency  Standard are persons responsible for the verification of the technical quality of engineering tasks carried out by designers on significant engineering water and wastewater assets under the control of Sydney Water.

Sydney Water relies on professional engineers providing services to create, maintain and operate Sydney Water’s Assets. To optimize public value, Sydney Water requires engineers providing engineering design services to be appropriately competent.  Philip is endorsed to verify design of the following work :

  • Complex works- Scoping geotechnical investigations, geotechnical interpretation and geotechnical design, including:
    • Projects in Landfill sites or sites with significant uncontrolled fill
    • Geotechnical Design inputs for tunnelled pipelines with outer bore diameter >1200mm dia.
    • Geotechnical design inputs for project sites subjected to mine subsidence
    • Geotechnical inputs for elevated of Liquid Holding Tanks classified as Declared Dams, as per NSW Dam Safety Act or Regulation
  • Geotechnical Assessment and modelling of impacts on assets, including:
    • Geotechnical inputs, modelling and assessment of movements for minor, medium and major  structures or minor pipelines
    • Geotechnical inputs, modelling and assessment of movements for complex structures or complex pipelines
    • Projects in sites with ground conditions prone to slope instability or landslide
    • Projects in sites with soft or compressible soils prone to significant settlement and/ or instability
    • Geotechnical Design of Bridge foundations and abutments
    • Ground improvement design
    • Geotechnical Design checks of retaining walls with effective retained height 6m
  • Tunnels – Condition assessment
  • Geotechnical – Fieldwork & Factual Reporting – Complex geology

Please contact if you require the highest standards of geotechnical design or advice on your next project.

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