Renewed Focus on Registered Engineers

GeoReports Managing Director, Philip Davies is proud member of Engineers Australia and is a certified practising Engineer under the National Engineering Register (NER) scheme.

The NER is a comprehensive directory of Australian engineers who have met the high standards of professionalism expected within the industry. Engineers Australia created the NER to provide a recognised benchmark of engineering quality.

In Jue 2020 the Design and Building Practitioners Bill passed by the NSW Parliament, requires compulsory registration for professional engineers in the fields of civil, structural, electrical, mechanical and fire safety engineering.

This regulation of professional engineers in Australia significantly benefits the community and the engineering profession. It provides recognition that practitioners need to be appropriately skilled, experienced, chartered and insured in order to provide engineering advice.

GeoReports welcomes this development, and has invested in Chartered and NER registered personnel for many years.  In our capacity as expert reviewers anf advisors on legal cases involving substandard work, such as the Opal Tower evacuation and Mascot Towers building damage, we welcome the development of more stringent controls in the building industry and beyond.  In the latter case, the ground engineering and geotechnical issues associated with new basement construction adjacent to existing structures resulted in groundwater stress changes causing significant damage.  GeoReports has been involved in forensic assessments and provided expert witness reports for  similar cases and understands the implications of poorly targeted investigations and inappropriate geotechnical engineering advice.

We welcome you to verify our NER credentials; this endorsement allows you to choose GeoReports as a trusted engineering partner.

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GeoReports in partnership with

We are excited to announce a new partnership between dynamic property technology company Archistar and ground engineering pioneer GeoReports.  This collaboration brings together cutting-edge data-driven capabilities supporting property acquisition, development, architecture and engineering.

Founder and MD of GeoReports, Phil Davies said “GeoReports provides a natural extension to Archistar services by adding a subsurface dimension to site characterization”.  He added “This paring is a natural and exciting fit between award winning online platforms giving large and small clients access to unprecedented, quick and convenient insights into property data, accelerated design and development risks / opportunities above and below ground.”

The platform creates technology that solves the most difficult property and design problems.  It uses artificial intelligence to help property professionals find profitable development sites, assess for feasibility and generate dozens of architectural design strategies – all within a few minutes.

GeoReports is a multi-award winning engineering firm whose online platform provides site-specific insights about ground conditions across Australia.  They support clients with database powered site intelligence reports and professional geotechnical consulting services.

GeoReports sponsors Digital Eng Summit

GeoReports @ DE Summit

Recently, GeoReports proudly sponsored and participated in the 2019 Digital Engineering Summit in Sydney where over 150 innovative thought leaders gathered to share solutions on how digital engineering drives value by reducing risk and improving project efficiency. 

Dozens of attendees including contractors, consultants and government agencies stopped by to meet us at the GeoReports stand and familiarised themselves with our searchable and downloadable geo-environmental datasets.    There was also interest in our GeoDesktop Site Intelligence Reports which provide quick, low cost due diligence assessment of geo-environmental site factors based on published and bespoke mapping data and previous nearby site investigations. 

Speaking organisations showcased impressive digital engineering insights outlined below:


GeoReports works with leading organisations like these to provide quick and efficient data solutions to help manage and organise geo-environmental data and provide geo-spatial site intelligence for property acquisition and project developments.

Contact us if you are interested in the following:

  • Driving value from your existing high value subsurface and geospatial datasets by consolidating this information in one platform to provide online and easy access to approved staff and  project stakeholders
  • Reducing cost of additional investigations by more effective and sustainable re-use of existing site investigation information.
  • Reducing time delay and construction project risk by de-risking unforeseen ground conditions.
  • Providing access to our growing database of licensed information to provide insights including soil, rock and groundwater conditions and potential contamination risks.
  • Providing access to reporting tools to provide quick low-cost due diligence assessment of known geotechnical and environmental conditions and risk indicators which may impact the costs and risks of site use, acquisition or development.

New Product – GeoDesktop Site Intelligence Reports

Industry-recognised innovative digital engineering firm GeoReports has launched GeoDesktop Site Intelligence Reports.  Professionally reviewed GeoDesktop Reports provide users with a concise summary of published geo-environmental data for any site in NSW – all delivered within 48 hours.  

An early adopter of GeoDesktop Reports, Rhys Blackburn, Managing Director of Rare Environmental was impressed, commenting, “We used georeports as a cost effective scoping tool for a big tender. We will definitely be making use of GeoDesktop Reports going forward. They’re a smart and efficient way to access site specific data quickly and at low cost.  For us, they will be particularly useful for pre-feasibility checks, informed tendering and will help us communicate risks and opportunities to clients”. He added, “Knowing the site risk indicators and level of existing information also helps us more efficiently target further investigation requirements providing overall savings to clients.”  

Easily ordered online, GeoDesktop Reports are designed as a due diligence tool identifying geotechnical and contamination risk indicators. Depending upon the site size and data inclusions required, reports start at $795 and range up to $1495 ex GST.   

Phil Davies, GeoReports Founder who was last month named as a 2019 Most Innovative Engineer by Engineers Australia said, “We believe GeoDesktop will be an invaluable tool for government agencies, property advisors and contractors, developers, architects, lawyers, financial advisors and anyone who seeks a rapid screening tool to assess site suitability and investment risk”.  

Earlier this year, GeoReports was recognised by the highly regarded Australian Financial Review Beaton Awards when its innovative digital engineering platform was awarded 2019 Professional Services Startup of the Year.  GeoReports is an online digital engineering and reporting tool with a large and growing database of groundwater wells, mapping layers and appropriately licenced and quality controlled datasets, allowing users to easily access high-value data at low cost. 

Winner – Engineers Australia Innovation Award

Philip Davies, from GeoReports, was named by Engineers Australia in the 2019 ‘Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers’  Roll of Honour.

Recognised in the ‘Building’ Category for founding the GeoReports online data sharing and reporting tool which allows users to search, manage and leverage high value geo-environmental datasets, Davies has delivered to the industry a platform with a growing database of nearly half a million data points, allowing users to easily access and exchange high value data at low cost.

Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers is an annual program run by create magazine, the publication of Engineers Australia. Now in its fourth year, the Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers listing seeks to recognise engineering innovation and raise the profile of the profession by showcasing the important role engineers play in solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. Davies’ GeoReports platform has certainly achieved this.

“Engineering innovation plays a critical role in facilitating a bright future for our communities, our nation and the world,” said Peter Mclntyre, CEO of Engineers Australia. He later went on to say, “The judging panel of six of the country’s most esteemed engineers was overwhelmed by the high calibre of entrants, and we congratulate the winners on their selection.” Judge Claude D’Cruz FIEAust CPEng said the annual list shows Australia’s proud history of innovation across numerous different sectors and fields of practice. “The quality and calibre of entries was outstanding and the type of entries confirmed that we as engineers are striving to innovate in many different areas,” D’Cruz said.

This is the second award recognising the GeoReports digital engineering platform after also receiving the prestigious winner of the 2019 Beaton-/ Australian Financial Review Client-Choice Awards in the Start-up category.

After accepting Engineer’s Australia Award, Founder and Managing Director, Philip Davies, said “This valued award shines a bright light on the emerging possibilities and benefits that open and shared data brings to the engineering industry. There are compelling economic and social benefits by enabling exchange of geo-environmental data and it is great that the industry recognises this potential with this award.”

“Our vision is to be a trusted vehicle for convenient exchange of high value geo-environmental information for the benefit of data providers, data users, the environment and wider community.” Davies said. “This award is a great recognition and validation of the concept and the innovative work of our team to date.”

GeoReports at 2019 I-Awards

GeoReports featured at Awards night

For over 25 years, the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) has been driving an innovation nation through their iAwards program. The iAwards is Australia’s longest running and most broadly scoped innovation recognition program, promoting excellence in the Australian digital ecosystem from the likes of Google Maps, Atlassian, Wotif and WiseTech Global.

Last night GeoReports attended the awards, appearing as a nominee in the start-up of the year category.  Congratulations to the winners – it was a great and networking with some incredibly innovative entries, proving that Australian ingenuity is alive and well.  A great experience and chance to connect with cutting edge technology leaders to improve the GeoReports platform !

GeoReports at AGS Panel Discussion…The Future of Shared Data


GeoReports was excited to participate in the Australian Geomechanics Society panel discussion in early May alongside government and industry experts including Australian Geological Survey, RMS, Sydney Metro, Coffey Geosciences and John Holland Contractors.  It was a great opportunity to explore the status of open and shared geoscience and engineering data frameworks and engage with the audience  around the future possibilities of this emerging field.

Panellists including GeoReports presented on a range of topics including:

  • Digital tools for Ground Engineering – Sven Thorin (Sydney Metro)
  • Open and Shared Data – Unlocking Innovation – Philip Davies (GeoReports)
  • NSW Government Geotechnical Report Database Project (GGRD) – John Greenfield (NSW Dept Planning)
  • Open Geo-data overview – Tim Thompson (Arup)

Discussions identified a range of emerging tools, data frameworks and benefits relating to high value subsurface data. Exciting near term developments included the commitment from DPE to upscale the available datasets and engage with other government agencies to release public datasets and unlock the value within them.  Stay tuned for further details !

Proud Winner of AFR Start-Up Award !

On March 27  at the highly regarded AFR Beaton awards, the startup firm GeoReports jointly won the Professional Services Startup of the Year Award for its innovative digital engineering platform.

GeoReports is a new online data sharing and reporting tool allowing users to search, manage and leverage high value geo-environmental datasets. The platform has a growing database of nearly half a million data points, allowing users to easily access and exchange high value data at low cost.

After accepting the award, the Founder and Managing Director, Philip Davies, said “This valued award shines a bright light on the emerging possibilities and benefits that open and shared data brings to the engineering industry. There are compelling economic and social benefits by enabling exchange of geo-environmental data.”

The tool allows clients to access appropriately licensed, third-party datasets and to obtain location-specific insights including soil, rock and groundwater conditions, and potential contamination risks. It can be used to publish datasets externally as open or shared data with appropriate licensing and access controls, or privately and securely to inform teams within organizations.

For government agencies and project owners, this will lower investigation costs and significantly reduce construction risks, costs and delays related to unforeseen ground conditions. For consultants and contractors, custom platforms provide a convenient tool for accessing and managing subsurface and project data through a single portal.

Our vision is to be a trusted vehicle for convenient exchange of high value geospatial information for the benefit of data providers, data users, the environment and wider community.” said Philip. “This award is a great recognition and validation of the concept and the innovative work of our team to date.”