Proud Winner of AFR Start-Up Award !

On March 27  at the highly regarded AFR Beaton awards, the startup firm GeoReports jointly won the Professional Services Startup of the Year Award for its innovative digital engineering platform.

GeoReports is a new online data sharing and reporting tool allowing users to search, manage and leverage high value geo-environmental datasets. The platform has a growing database of nearly half a million data points, allowing users to easily access and exchange high value data at low cost.

After accepting the award, the Founder and Managing Director, Philip Davies, said “This valued award shines a bright light on the emerging possibilities and benefits that open and shared data brings to the engineering industry. There are compelling economic and social benefits by enabling exchange of geo-environmental data.”

The tool allows clients to access appropriately licensed, third-party datasets and to obtain location-specific insights including soil, rock and groundwater conditions, and potential contamination risks. It can be used to publish datasets externally as open or shared data with appropriate licensing and access controls, or privately and securely to inform teams within organizations.

For government agencies and project owners, this will lower investigation costs and significantly reduce construction risks, costs and delays related to unforeseen ground conditions. For consultants and contractors, custom platforms provide a convenient tool for accessing and managing subsurface and project data through a single portal.

Our vision is to be a trusted vehicle for convenient exchange of high value geospatial information for the benefit of data providers, data users, the environment and wider community.” said Philip. “This award is a great recognition and validation of the concept and the innovative work of our team to date.”

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