Trade data with GeoReports

Data providers are welcome to contribute to the growing database of publicly visible as open, shared or closed geo-environmental data reports and point-data.

Data uploaded to GeoReports may be republished for users to download free or for a price set by GeoReports depending on the quality, depth and positional reliability of the data, so you can generate revenue as a data provider.  The following upload options are available:

  • Open Data – If you choose to upload information as Open Data it will be free and public domain information (no copyright, attribution, etc)
  • Shared Data – There are two main types:
    • Free data made available at no cost to downloaders, under licence conditions set by the data provider.
    • Commercial data made available modest cost to downloaders, under licence conditions set by the data provider.  The data provider(s) receive a royalty of any download revenue (see below)
  • Closed Data – Publicly visible (but otherwise anonymous) datapoints which show that data exists at a particular location.  This allows you to advertise the availability of private or confidential data to let potential clients know that you have information at that location.  GeoReports will facilitate enquiries about that data on your behalf so that copyright licencing and commercial terms can be agreed between provider and user.

In addition, data providers can subscribe as vendors and use a dashboard to upload, manage and publish datasets either privately (visible only to those within your organisation) or publicly as revenue-generating shared datasets on

GeoReports is committed to responsible use of Open and Shared Data and  providing a high level of data governance which meets the following goals:

More general information about data governance and responsible data re-use, is available at through the Open Data Institute (ODI).

The Dataset upload process consists of 4 main steps which typically take about 5-10 minutes to complete.  More information about the intellectual property and copyright considerations for sharing data through GeoReports is available on the Copyright Guidelines page.

As shown in the graphic below, datasets uploaded to GeoReports can comprise individual Datapoints (boreholes, test pits, other point data), Datareports (factual or interpretive), or combined Reports with Logs which will be split out by GeoReports after upload to enable download of individual points.

Once Dataset details are entered by the uploader into the upload form (link below), there are two main upload formats (Basic and Advanced) as shown in the graphic below:

Additional information about the Data Quality Framework applicable to all public datasets served through GeoReports is contained in our Data Quality Framework

Royalties paid for open or shared data re-sold through GeoReports are as follows:

  • Submitted as Basic Upload (requiring more processing by GeoReports): Upto 15% of sales
  • Submitted as Advanced Upload (requiring less processing by GeoReports): Up to 30% of sales

Additional information about the data pricing, royalties and commercial considerations involving multiple Interested Parties are explained here.

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